Math Flash Cards

Fourth Grade Success Kit


Now that your child has mastered the skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; teach them cool tricks and strategies for working with larger numbers!  You will see your child’s confidence soar as they improve their mental math skills.

Fourth Grade Success Kit Includes:

  • Basic Multiplication
  • Basic Division
  • CountFast 1st
  • CountFast 12 + – x / (1-5)
  • CountFast 24 + – x / (1-5)
Stay SharpFree flash card decks to keep kids entertained and sharp!

To help you keep your kids math sharp during this crisis, we're giving you 3 free CountFast flash card decks for just $6 in shipping.  Just have them take the quick quiz for their grade at the link below and you'll get a discount code to use on any three decks.