Math flashcards are a fun, engaging way for kids to learn math. Most flashcards promote memorization while the CountFast learning system teaches kids to perform math operations quickly and accurately!

Stay Sharp @ Home

With many schools closing to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we’d like to help keep our kids math sharp with 3 free decks of CountFast cards!

Take the Pre-Test

Have your child take the pre-test in our testing portal for their grade

Order Your Cards

After the test, enter your email and we’ll send you a code for your cards


Practice each deck for 1 week, 15 minutes per day

See Results

After 3 weeks, have your child take the test again and see the growth!

Increased Math Scores

In just two weeks of regular use you’ll see an improvement in performance on math quizzes and evaluations.

Changed Attitudes About Math

Successful practice develops discipline and confidence.

Increased Parental Involvement

Parents will enjoy helping their children practice math and might even learn along the way!

What is CountFast?

CountFast is a complete learning system for elementary level math that will improve test performance results and increase engagement among students, parents, and the community.

To achieve the desired results the system utilizes math lessons and games presented in flashcard format to serve as a supplemental curriculum to enhance practice and engagement both inside and outside of the classroom.

This program was developed to help students improve their mental math skills in a fun and engaging way for grades K-6.


Kids learn math FAST

Parents learn math tricks 

CountFast is a WIN-WIN

For Teachers – CountFast Flashcard Tournaments

Hosting a tournament in your classroom or community is great way to foster healthy competition while children improve their math skills.  Is your math classroom time this much fun?