Math Flash Cards

Game Theory 1 and 2


Once students can correctly identify numbers and know the basic concepts of addition and subtraction, they will be able to play Game Theory 1 & 2.  This deck is a fun game that builds upon addition and subtraction skills, while only using the numbers 1 & 2. Using only the digits 1 & 2 makes this game easy enough for Kindergarten age students to play.

This is a fun game for the whole family to play. During this game you will have to use the concepts of addition and subtraction but the actual math is very simple.  While also practicing math skills, the more you play, the more you will also learn strategy skills.

Game-theory is an excellent tool for thinking strategically because to win the game you need to anticipate what the other players may do and also which cards they may have.

This kind of strategic thinking is important in so many aspects of life and business. If children can learn the concept of strategy at an early age, they will be a step ahead towards being successful!