Math Flash Cards

CountFast 6 (1-5) + –


This module is a fun game to help practice the skills the child has learned so far. This will also enforce mastery of the concepts they just learned because they are practicing them while having fun. This is the first game in a series of similar games that get progressively more challenging.

For this game, only the digits from 1 to 5 are utilized to keep the calculations simple. In this game there will be 4 digits on each card. The point of the game is to utilize each digit, and only use the digit one time, to solve by addition and/or subtraction to make it equal 6.

This game requires mental addition and mental subtaction and also introduces algebra because you are utilizing more than just two numbers.

This is a great game to play any time the child has down time. For example while going on a road trip or at a sibling’s activity. It is easy to pull out the pack and play!