Math Flash Cards

Reading and Writing


This is the very first card deck in the CountFast series—so naturally we need to start from the beginning.

This deck is designed for early learners that are just starting to become familiar with numbers. It is critical that a child has a deep understating of the each number to make math easier as they progress.

Learning the numbers is like learning the alphabet for reading and writing. The deeper the understanding of the number, the easier it makes math moving forward.  An investment of time and practice at an early age will prove to be very beneficial as math concepts become more challenging and complex.



Week 1 of the 1st Grade CountFast program focuses on the recognition of the numbers 0 – 12, as well as the addition, subtraction, and equal signs often used in simple equations.  This module includes lessons to practice reading and writing numbers and organizing them based on their values.  Spend 15 minutes each day on one of the activities listed in this module.  Card decks should go home with students each day for additional practice with a parent at home. Each week, a new deck is introduced and the previous deck is for the student to keep at home for continued practice.


  1. MATH.CONTENT.K.CC.A.3Counting and Cardinality
  2. NCTM Standard: connect number words and numerals to the quantities they represent
  3. NCTM Standard: develop understanding of the relative position and magnitude of whole numbers


  1. Read the numbers zero through twelve in digit and word form.
  2. Write the numbers zero through twelve in digit form.
  3. Read and write the symbols for equal, add (plus), and subtract (minus).